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KBSD is a Swiss Digital Intelligence firm specialized in online reputation management, cyber protection, surveillance and influence working with a wide and international customer base such as political leaders, well established brands and high net worth individuals.
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Digital Bodyguardingâ„¢ is a unique suite allowing its clients to have a comprehensive, real-time oversight over their digital identity. It includes alerts in case of digital threats and works in pair with the launch of proactive or reactive missions to safeguard client interests when needed.

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Called upon by many professionals and medias, KBSD has been featured in a wide range of specialised publications contributing to its ever growing success and influence in the cyber-security and crisis management fields.


Founder of KBSD in 2009, David Scholberg has been active for years in communications, tribal marketing, PR, sports and computering. He has made cyber-security and reputation management his core professional focus for the past 10 years and today runs the only Swiss high-level reputation management firm with its own comprehensive technology and a team of specialized advisors. Read his profile on Everipedia and browse News/Media reports on KBSD’s Newsroom.